Caregiving Mom of Son with Brain Injury Requests Help with Bills/Therapy

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Caregiving Mom of Son with Brain Injury Requests Help with Bills & Therapy
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Location: FL, USA

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Story: Rachael is the mother of three children. Her oldest son Joey suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was hit by two cars at 45mph as a pedestrian on February 16, 2015. Joey, who is now 18, was DOA on the scene and now suffers from a severe traumatic brain injury, post trauma epilepsy, water on the brain, VP Shunt, hearing loss, vision loss and is a completely different child.
Since that night she’s lost her job. It’s been 21 months and Joey remembers only some long term memory. As time went on, he became what they consider the confused state of consciousness and very angry. Today Joey is waiting on his 7th brain surgery.
Request: “I need my bills to be paid. I’ve not worked since that night. I could also use a therapist that’s qualified for my own mental illness PTSD and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) for I know I’ve been struggling after the numbness wore off and reality is starting to hit.”