Caregiving Mother of 7-Year-Old Son With Severe Muscular Dystrophy Requests Chiropractor Visits

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Location: VA, USA
Approximate Amount of Request: Variable
Story: Jamie is the mother of 7-year-old Liam. He has a severe muscular dystrophy called Nemaline Myopathy. He can not move and requires assistance with all aspects of life including breathing. He needs care 24 hours of the day.
Request: Jamie says, “Liam can not move and has no muscle tone. I am his arms and legs. He continues to grow and caring for him has taken a physical toll on my body. I am constantly in positions that put strain on my back and hips. I see a chiropractor but have recently had to cut back on my visits. Chiropractic visits or massages would be a wonderful gift to help alleviate the pain and stress that is put on my back.”