Caregiving Mother of Son with Brain Injury/Intestinal Issues Requests Help with Gas & Groceries

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Approximate Amount of Request: Variable
Location: VA, USA
Story: Erica is a full time caregiver to 15 yo son Eric who has a TBI from infancy and is battling intestinal failure and trying his hardest to stay off the intestinal/stomach transplant list. She’s recently started back with therapy because she’s exhausted and feels like everything is falling apart. She says there are many positive things each day but the negatives are exhausting and weighing the family down.
Request: Erica says, “Currently the biggest thing we need help with is either gas or grocery over the next few months. My husband tried to pick up overtime but there isn’t a lot right now. If there are any holiday programs you know about that I could sign Eric and my daughter Lizzie up for that would be great. We tried some but they said my husbands fire dept income was too high. We just need a break and some room to breathe in our budget a bit for a little until we can catch up with overtime being available.”